Latest News

13.12.05 > A new acquisition! Our Maya workstation gives us more special effects rendering power than ever. Read more here.

01.12.05 > Excitement builds as the new round of public service tenders are launched and twoclips|design is in the running for several in the creative and production areas. Read more here.


Great to meet you

Welcome to twoclips|design, the most comprehensive creative service you're likely to come across.

The name is a little deceiving, you see. We can design a little more than your company logo or the colour of your business card.

You have a problem – a communication problem. That’s why you’re looking for a branding agency, graphic designer, copywriter, PR agency, web designer, ad agency or promotions company. That’s probably how you found your way here, either under your own steam or by referral form one of our many happy clients (don’t listen to us though, go ask them – a full list is available here).

Designing the solution to that problem, and every aspect of it, is what we’re here for. After 10 years across the spectra of the advertising, publishing and design industries, there isn’t a single part of your project we can’t handle. We can write astounding editorial or advertising copy. We can get it placed where it needs to be seen. We can seed media interest where it matters. We can manage and create all the branding, we can produce all the peripheral materials, from stress balls to information brochures and everything in between. We can look after all the online promotion, from pretty websites that not only look great but have the latest, hottest technologies under the good.

We’ve assisted in the naming of news business to suit the market, organised conferences and awards and written books. One thing you’ll never hear from twoclips|design is ’that's not really something we look after’, so please read on…