June 2006

Self-employed freelance journalist, writer and designer, director — psi Publishing and Design.

June 2003

Print and web designer, production manager, art director, Bam Creative, Perth, WA.

June 2001

Various freelance graphic design, creative and typesetting positions at agencies including Price Advertising & Consulting, JMG Marketing, Perth, WA.

Feb 2001-May 2001

Writer/Graphic Design, Concept Reality Media, Perth, WA

Research/writing of content for travel website Scoop Traveller. Writing and Graphic Design, Scoop Magazine.

June 2000-January 2001

Senior Graphic Designer, BusinessNSW, Sydney, NSW.

Layout artist and designer for weekly newspaper publisher including production and prepress of print products and maintenance of associated website.

September 1998

Established psi Publishing & Design.

Full service in print and web design, publishing and journalism.

September 1997-May 1998

Production Manager, Auscom Publishing, Sydney, NSW.

Responsible for the production of two full colour monthly high-end computer equipment and telecommunications magazines (plus support products including supplements, brochures, exhibition guides, software and information CDs etc). Managing and directing graphic design team; liaising with pre-press bureaus and printers; liaising with advertisers for ad material and subsequent cataloguing of film, disks, etc.

July 1997-September 1997

Typesetter/Designer, Austin Knight, North Sydney, NSW.

Responsible for managing the graphic design/typesetting studio of a recruitment press advertising agency. Liaising with pre-press bureaus, production of client recruitment press ads, small campaigns.

June 1995-May 1997

Typesetter/Designer, TMP Worldwide (formerly Neville Jeffress Advertising), Sydney/Cremorne, NSW.

All aspects of newspaper recruitment ad management including liaising with media, typesetting and dispatching ads.